Stop discounting your life…

What is your time worth?

Should we have an answer to that question? Do you have an answer to that question?

I’m talking about a hard dollar amount; $15, $20, $300 an hour.

What is your time worth? I bet it’s more than you are currently charging for it.

The number that always comes to my head is $50 an hour. It’s not informed by anything specific, but seemed like a good place to start. I went to college, am relatively enjoyable to be around and feel like I provide value to most people in most instances.

Say I work 60 hours a week like 77% of Americans, that would mean the amount I charge my company (that I love by the way) for my time, energy, frustration and focus should be close to $3k a week… spoiler alert, I don’t make that. I make even less when I allow work to follow me home, to absorb my weekend, my thoughts going to bed… before I know it I am running a fire sale on my most precious, non renewable resource, time.

I want that little hourly rate in the back of my head to inform what I say yes to. At my 9 to 5, what entrepreneurial ventures I go on with friends, what contract gigs I take, who I eat dinner with, which apps I use, how much email I check… All merchants trying to buy the seconds I’ve been given.

I don’t think we charge enough for our time. I want to be better about not discounting what I charge. Let’s do it together.



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Corbin Daniel Pierce

I work too much… and I’m working on it. Insights on work, life and the joy they should bring.